VRAA Bridges Partisan Gap with Support from Most Liberal and Conservative House Members


According to National Journal’s ranking of the most liberal and conservative members of Congress, the Voting Rights Amendment Act has bridged the partisan gap with both the number one ranked liberal and conservative members as co-sponsors.

National Journal ranks original VRAA cosponsor Steve Chabot, R. Ohio, as the most conservative member of the House, and ranks another cosponsor, Mike Honda, D. Calif., as tied for the most liberal member. In a Congress that National Journal has termed “the most divided ever,” lawmakers from both the extreme right and the extreme left have come together in support of protecting everyone’s right to vote.

“The VRAA is a commonsense and flexible update to the Voting Rights Act that everyone can agree on, regardless of race, geography, or ideology,” said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. “While we have made great strides as a country, we know that discrimination is still a reality in too many places. The need for an effective, modern day VRA that responds to 21st century discrimination across the country is vital to our democracy. We look forward to working through the legislative process to improve this bill and pass it in 2014.”

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