Newspapers Around the Country Endorse Commensense Voting Rights Admendment Act

Across the country, the bipartisan introduction of the Voting Rights Amendment Act is being recognized as a modern, commonsense fix to Shelby County v. Holder in its protection of the right to vote for all.

Nationally, the editorial board at The New York Times and Dewayne Wickham of Gannett Newspapers/USA Today remind us that, even though the bill is not perfect, it’s a good step forward in ensuring voters’ rights. And on, Lorraine Miller, interim president and CEO of the NAACP says that “It is time for Congress to act urgently, and with bipartisanship, to update the Voting Rights Act to ensure all citizens, no matter their race, gender or social status, have equal and unfettered access to the ballot box.”

And in the states, editorial boards throughout the nation have responded to the bill’s introduction: