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We need an effective, modern, flexible, and forward-looking Voting Rights Act (VRA). A recent bill proposed in Congress, the Voting Rights Amendment Act (H.R. 3899/S. 1945), includes many elements of an effective approach, but also has room for improvement. In diverse communities, there should be a forward-looking, limited, preclearance obligation for certain voting changes that historically have been used to dilute and curtail the voting rights of growing, mobile, or emerging minority populations; the provisions around voter identification should also be removed. We are in the beginning stages of a process to advance the best possible approach to protecting voters from discrimination.

The purpose of this bill is to enact a modern, flexible, and forward-looking set of protections that work together to ensure an effective response to racial discrimination in voting in every part of the country.

Report: The Persistent Challenge of Voting Discrimination


Current Legislation

Background on the VRA

Recent Examples of Voting Rights Violations